Welcome to Woongchuen THY Co, Ltd, manufacturing the contractor quality of long handle tools over 30 years.

We have moved our factory from Korea to China in 1992, and since then, have been manufacturing the full range of Lawn & Gardening tool lines in China factory - for Industry, Home and Farm.

With regard to the blade composition, we use 1st run High Carbon Steel only & Alloy tempered Aluminum material only, ensuring quality consistency. At our factory facilities, Blades are stamped & forged, heat treated, powder coated, then assembled with quality handle (excellent China Ash, Stong & Lightweight fiberglass or steel pipe handle). Our factory operates the the entire manufacturing processing of long handle tools from tooling die design to blade and handle assembly for ensuring quality consistency.

The combination of our manufacturing resources and finest steel & aluminum material enable us to provide First quality tools, which customer can fully rely on. Our goal is to offer best quality tools at fair prices along with especially quality consistency.

We believe in hard work, the highest quality tool and high level of service.